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Commitment to Self - January 2013

Commitment to Self - January 2013

Commitment to Self - January 2013

Weekend Workshop Recording from January 2013 in Los Angeles, California

Mother Mary began this exploration during Her October online class. Mother explored the energy of commitment. She spoke of the importance of consciously working with this energy to bring your dreams to fruition. The powerful force of commitment provides consistency and structure to manifest the desires of your whole being. Over the course of your life you have committed to many people and experiences. Yet each one of us struggles with committing to certain things that we long to create for ourselves. Or we have been able to commit for short periods but long term commitment is elusive.

We all know that fear can also be a powerful force seemingly set in opposition to our desires. In this course Mother will help you to:

  • Decide what is the highest commitment for you at this time
  • Explore your present commitments to find what works best for you
  • Focus on your gifts that are best suited to support commitment
  • Work with transforming your fears to open the way
  • Give you all the tools you need to be consistent in your commitment
  • Free you from the guilt of not achieving your desires in the past

As you open yourself to understanding and embracing commitment, you enhance the depth of stability and focus in your life, thereby creating a direction and structure that continually supports your growth.

This is a recording of an extraordinary weekend of Mother's grace. You have the opportunity to allow Her to enfold you in Her heart and give Her permission to awaken your deeper self.

Four audios are included, totaling 7 hours.

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