Beloved Publications :: Live Events :: Powered By Love: September 2018 in Dahlonega, Georgia

Powered By Love: September 2018 in Dahlonega, Georgia

Powered By Love: September 2018 in Dahlonega, Georgia

Powered By Love: September 2018 in Dahlonega, Georgia

Powered By Love
September 20-23, 2018
Retreat at Dahlonega Spa Resort in Georgia


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No matter where we’re at in our personal evolution, we all still have fears that keep us bound within ourselves. As much as we might dislike that, it’s completely normal. We wouldn’t be human without our fears. How much our fears dictate our experiences is what we’re here to shift. Isn’t that what we’re all seeking in some form or another – a way to lessen the effects our fears have on our lives and the lives of those we love? We crave the transformation from fear to love, from separation to Oneness. And not just the end product but the experience of that transformation itself. Mother teaches that we come to this existence over and over again for a front row seat!

All of Mother Mary’s 2018 weekend and retreat events will be focused on teaching how to live a life powered by love. Mother knows how we all struggle at times with anxiety, stress, indecision, procrastination, weak boundaries, mind clutter, and poor physical health. We cling to ideals and beliefs long after they have lost their usefulness. We tell ourselves stories that keep us stuck in destructive patterns that feed our fears and frustrations.

Each event will take you through the experience of separating out your instinctual, normal fears from your story-based fears and the fears of others that don’t even belong to you. Then you’ll discover where you need to focus your efforts to take love to a whole new level of importance in your life. Mother will focus on your still small voice, creating rock solid healthy boundaries so you can more easily follow your dreams, getting clear on what lights you up and how to flow with it, and how to let love be the force that moves it all.

The love Mother will awaken and open you up to is the love that transcends ideology, religion, cultural beliefs, intellectual beliefs, community laws, logic, time, and anything that divides us. It is the love of unity, compassion, forgiveness, empowerment, and connection. It is the energy that leads the way across the divide every time. It is the power that knows us all to be equal. Period. And it is the force that never abandons us, never makes us feel small, and never tells us we’re unworthy. 

This is the love that shines within each of us like the radiance of the sun. If you’re ready for your life to be powered by love, then you’ll want to attend at least one of Mother’s 2018 weekend workshops or Her annual retreat. She’s going to build one upon the next, so if you can only attend one this year you can still own the recordings from the other events to give you all that She will impart about the most important gift of all: love.

Tuition includes Mother’s teachings, accommodations, fabulous meals, taxes, and an MP3 audio recording of the retreat. We hope to see you there!

Dates: September 20-23, 2018
Time: 2pm Thursday to 12pm Sunday
Place: Dahlonega Spa Resort, Georgia
Cost: $897 for a shared room (non-refundable $200 deposit required) or $1,149 for a single room (non-refundable $250 deposit required) SOLD OUT

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This Powered by Love retreat will take place in the stunning North Georgia Mountains at The Dahlonega Spa Resort. Explore its beauty and step out of your daily life and into the serenity of nature and loving support for your growth and fulfillment. Spa services and yoga classes are priced separately from the retreat.

Click here to see transportation options from the airport to the resort.

Explore Dahlonega Spa Resort by visiting here.

*In the unusual case of the workshop being cancelled, we will issue full-tuition refunds. Beloved Publications is not responsible for any travel costs/penalties incurred due to the cancellation of the event. We recommend investing in trip/flight insurance. Cancellations are very rare, but they do sometimes happen.


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