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Mother Mary’s Summer Solstice Mt. Shasta Retreat

Mother Mary’s Summer Solstice Mt. Shasta Retreat

Mother Mary’s Summer Solstice Mt. Shasta Retreat

Live Retreat with Mother Mary
June 18th-21st, 2020
Mount Shasta, California

Mother has a very special retreat planned for the Summer Solstice of 2020! This is a power year, a year of manifestation and bringing to fruition what lights you up, raises your vibration, and connects you deeper into love. And what better place to receive Her abundance than Mt. Shasta, the root chakra for the entire planet?!

Mt. Shasta is a potentially active volcano and the gateway for planetary prana or life-force surging and flowing up into the world to feed and nourish us all. As the planet’s root chakra it’s a power center for raw creative, Divine Mother energy and presence. Spending four days on the mountain with Mother will offer a profound experience of energy convergence. As above, so below.

Gathering for ritual and sacred ceremony with Mother at the Summer Solstice on this mountain vortex will create a vibrant awakening and opening between you and the Divine. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year when the sun is at its planetary zenith for the northern hemisphere. This represents our spirit’s ascension to the divine. For thousands of years the sun has been worshiped as the most powerful of all deity, the bringer of light and life. On the day when the sun is present the longest in the sky, the energy frequency thins the veils between human and Divine, allowing for clearer communion, communication, and receptivity.

Mother will ignite your Being, purify your energy field, and prepare you to receive an abundance of life-force energy that will bring you clarity on your soul's path, the next steps of your journey, and the power to move into the heart-flow of manifestation. Mother has chosen some of the most sacred and powerfully charged sites on and around Mt. Shasta for Her rituals and ceremonies to take place.

This retreat is for those of you that feel called to the mountain to set your Divine Self free so you can open up space inside that was once used for struggle and worry, to live a more bliss-filled and serene life.

Since so much of this retreat will take place out in nature, getting to some of the sacred sites will involve light to moderate hiking over rocky ground and some inclines. A good portion of each day will be spent sitting and lying down on the earth.

The price includes tuition and transportation to sacred sites only. Participants will need to arrange for their own accommodations, meals and travel to and from Mt. Shasta. If you feel the call, don’t wait to book your travel arrangements, as summer is Mt. Shasta’s busiest time of the year for visitors.

Join us for an extraordinary journey of love, laughter, light, and enlightenment. It is our honor and joy to serve you.

Date: Thursday, June 18th - Sunday, June 21, 2020
Place: Mount Shasta, California (Northern)
Cost: $597, with a $150 non-refundable deposit. The balance payment is due by May 15th and becomes fully non-refundable on that date.

*In the unusual case of the workshop being cancelled, we will issue full-tuition refunds. Beloved Publications is not responsible for any travel costs/penalties incurred due to the cancellation of the event. We recommend investing in trip/flight insurance. Cancellations are very rare, but they do sometimes happen.

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