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The Abundant Life: Online Class Series

The Abundant Life: Online Class Series

The Abundant Life: Online Class Series

The Abundant Life

Mother Mary's new live online class series 

Abundance is the glorious feeling of enough. You’re enough. You have enough. There is enough. It’s simple and profound. We all know it when we feel it and rejoice when it comes. Strangely enough, the feeling isn’t based on amount. Most of us feel it in some areas of our lives but not in others. Why is that? And why isn’t there a prescribed amount that once obtained, signals the arrival of abundance?

Mother Mary’s new class series, The Abundant Life, is going to solve these mysteries for you and teach you how to break free of lack in all areas of your life. As a spiritual person, the same techniques that work for others in creating abundance may not work for you, no matter how much you might want them to. When love is the primary force in your life, making decisions from fear or limitation can feel as though your life is in chains.

Mother is in your life to help you break the chains that keep you bound to all the ways you limit yourself either consciously or unconsciously. This class series will focus on the four most common areas in which people limit themselves.

Mother’s first class, The Flow of Abundance, will help you to identify the feeling of abundance and its qualities. This will allow you to highlight the ways in which your life already feels abundant. Embracing the flow of abundance that’s present inspires you to let more in. You’ll then discover how and where you limit yourself and the effects those limitations have on your life.

Her second class, Wealth Abundance, will focus on the exchange of money and resources between yourself and the outside world. She’ll also focus on the importance of your environment for maintaining abundance. These are some of the key areas in which people notice lack the most. You’ll be given the tools you need to take the pressure off yourself for trying to make things happen and learn to allow things to happen. The former tends to maintain struggle and the latter, peace.

Mother’s third class, Vibrant Abundance, will teach you how to tap into your Source of flow for vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health. Mother will teach you a powerful technique that’s easy to do and highly effective for opening the channels in your Being for a stronger flow of life-force energy.

Class number four, Creative Abundance, will focus on the critical role creativity plays in your life and the sometimes devastating effect that limiting your creativity can have on your experiences. It may not be exactly what you think it is, and just by limiting its definition in your mind you chain yourself to a belief that keeps you small and repressed. Mother will connect you to your creative power that’s always available for you to tap into and use in all your endeavors.

Your final class in this powerful series, Love Abundance, ends on the Autumn Equinox in celebration of the abundance of all the wonderful energy flow you'll have harvested during the proceeding classes. It will bring you the insight and energy you need to open up the flow of abundance between you and the people in your life. This class will focus on how to let go of the unhealthy, fear-based limits that may be present in some or all of your relationships. You’ll also learn how to expand the flow of love that’s already present and open up the channel for a deeper connection and intimacy, which will bring you more of what you all yearn for – to love and be loved more fully and completely.

If you’re feeling called to more abundance in all areas of your life, then this class series was created for you. Feel into Mother’s new offering in your heart and soul to know if it is the answer to that call. Her powerful love and grace will raise your vibration and help you to shift past the barriers of limitation that exist in your life. Using meditation, teaching, writing prompts, and shakti or life-force transmission, Mother will create the experience of abundance for you, thereby making it easy and safe to say "YES PLEASE, the abundant life is the life for me!"

You don’t need to attend the live classes to receive all the benefits. Each class will be recorded, and you can watch them as often as you’d like. At the beginning of September we'll send you an email with the private link to the live online classes, as well as access to the page where all the recorded videos and writing exercises will be posted.

Dates: September 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, & 23rd, 2019
Time: 4:30-5:30 PM PST
Cost: $127 

You will be sent the link to join all 5 live classes one week before the first class. Please save the email!

Our price: $127.00