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The Sacred Journey - October 2012

The Sacred Journey - October 2012

The Sacred Journey - October 2012

Weekend Workshop Recording from October 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia

sa·cred adj. \ˈsā-krəd\  1: devoted exclusively to one service or use 2: entitled to reverence and respect

In this special set of recordings from a weekend with Mother Mary, She awakens your consciousness to your sacred journey with the divine...

  • We all know we are on a journey, but do you feel yours is a sacred one?
  • Do you feel you have always been meant for something that is hard to define or put into words?
  • Is your relationship to the divine entwined with all you do? Or would you like it to be?
  • Is it hard sometimes to be engaged in the world around you?
  • Do you feel a love for Spirit that moves you deeply?

If so, join us as Mother shares Her wisdom and offers the experience of bliss.

bliss noun \ˈblis\ 1: complete happiness 2: paradise, heaven

This is your opportunity to draw closer to Spirit and experience the deeper currents that flow through your life.

In these recordings, you will spend a lot of time within yourself, with Mother Mary as your guide. You will meditate sitting up and also lying down. You may provide yourself with whatever you need to be comfortable in doing this.

Five audios are included, totaling approximately 6 hours. This includes a bonus audio: a daily meditation to practice with the course.

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