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Transforming the One Fear - June 2013

Transforming the One Fear - June 2013

Transforming the One Fear - June 2013

Weekend Workshop Recording from June 2013 in Los Angeles, California

Mother Mary teaches us that the vast majority of our fears can be placed in just a few categories. Under the umbrella of a larger fear you will find a unique array of smaller ones. During this workshop, Mother focused on the fear of not enough and how to transform that into plenty. This one fear is responsible for much of the pain we struggle with in our lives. We fear that we are not enough or life will not provide enough to live our dreams. For some of us, this fear is obvious and it's voice is still loud in our hearts and heads. For others, this fear has gone underground and works in silence. Each can be just as frustrating and anxiety producing as the other. Mother will help you identify when this fear is active and how that is manifesting in your life. She will show you how to use what it reveals in the transformation process. Mother is offering you the opportunity to live in plenty:

  • With love at the center of all you do
  • With a more expanded perception of yourself
  • With deeper intimacy within your relationships
  • With a stronger sense of self
  • With the joy of sacred living
  • With the rightness of being you

Mother asks that you come ready to surrender your limitations to the very best of your ability. She will be ready to receive them. It offers possibility that will change the way you live your life for the better. As you benefit from Mother's grace, all those in your life do as well. Your beacon of light will shine brighter and stronger, illuminating the path for yourself and all who walk it with you.

Four audios are included, totalling 6 hours.

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